Cassandra Bella believes it wasn’t just the fact that she was born the day before Valentine’s that she was fated to write romance. Intrigued by deep emotions that touch the heart and that special spark of falling in love, she enjoys creating stories and characters that leave her readers with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye.

She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and for as long as she's been letting others know.  She completed her first book, "Dear Diary" in her grandmother's family room on a manual typewriter at the age of 12 - that manuscript still holds a place of honor in her home. 

Cassandra pulls many of her characters from those closest to her, family and friends.  And likes to joke about always hearing voices in her head.  She balances her writing in between helping her husband at his sandwich shop, Spicy Pickle, and finds even more character and story inspirations from their wonderful customers.

She was born and raised in Colorado, and currently lives there with her husband, who was her high school sweetheart, and her growing family, including five amazing grandchildren.